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Voice Clinic

The Voice clinic is a part of the ENT Department. This clinic provides complete treatment options for any kind of voice disorder. This clinic is designed to cater the general population as well as performing artists.

Facilities/Equipment available:

  • Team of ENT specialists
  • Voice Specialists
  • Speech & Language therapists
  • Computerized Voice Analysis
  • Video Laryngoscopic & Stroboscopic examination of the voice box
  • Voice therapy for all voice disorders.
  • Voice maintenance through lifestyle modification
  • Microsurgery with CO2 laser
  • Microlaryngoscopic & Video Laryngoscopic Surgery.
  • Surgery for Puberty Voice Change.
  • Surgical Voice Restoration for Transgender

Package priced at Rs. 3200 includes:

  • Computerized Voice Analysis
  • Consultation by Two ENT Surgeons
  • Consultation by Voice Therapist
  • One Session of Voice Therapy
  • Stroboscopy