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Growth & Obesity Clinic

3% of all children are short. Short stature can be due to both hormonal and non-hormonal causes. Evaluation of short stature begins with a detailed medical history followed by clinical examinations to rule out the pathological causes of short stature. Growth measurements and screening tests (blood, urine, stool and X-ray for bone age) are done followed by special hormonal tests and scans if required. A dietician also assesses the child along with a psychologist. After monitoring the growth rate, growth hormone treatment is started only where needed.

15-29% of our children are obese. The epidemic of childhood obesity is on the rise and it predisposes to long-term complications like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyper-cholesterolaemia, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease etc. These complications are screened for and treated. A detailed history is taken and clinical examination done. A dietician review is followed by a psychological assessment. A physiotherapist also assesses the child with regular inputs. Life style change, diet and exercise are the cornerstone of treatment with medication in the morbidly obese child.

Facilities/Equipment available:

A full clinical examination is done to rule out causes for the growth & obesity problems, this is followed by blood tests, urine and tool tests along with X-rays done for bone age.

Paediatrics obesity package priced at Rs. 2300 includes:

  • Lipid profile
  • Glucose fasting
  • SGOT
  • SGPT
  • Urea, Creatinine
  • X-ray wrist (left)
  • Consultation Clinical Psychologist
  • Dietician
  • Consultation by Dr Runa Majumdar
  • Physiotherapy

Paediatrics growth package (1st Tier) priced at Rs. 3000 includes:

  • Complete Blood count
  • Calcium
  • P04
  • ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase)
  • SGPT
  • Protein
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Urine routine
  • Stool culture
  • X-ray wrist (left)
  • Consultation Clinical Psychologist
  • Dietician
  • Consultation by Dr Runa Majumdar

Paediatrics growth package (2nd Tier) at a discounted rate includes:

  • Karyotyping
  • X-ray skull lateral
  • IGF1
  • FT4
  • TSH